Your Mayor and City Council members need to hear from you.
Meaningful public participation is the cornerstone of our democracy and fundamental to thoughtful, informed decision-making by elected leaders.  ENUs recent experience in Escondido demonstrates that Mayor and several of the Council members do not value public input. We strongly encourage all residents to communicate frequently with the Mayor and City Council--and to remember to vote is you can in all elections.  ENU holds meaningful and timely public participation in governmental decision-making as core to our mission and with this in mind have made recommendations to improve them.

How YOU can communicate with the Mayor and Council 

Here is how to contact our elected officials.  Please put their emails in your 'favorites' so they are ready to access. 

Mayor Sam Abed,

Councilmember Olga Diaz,

Councilmember Ed Gallo,

Councilmember Mike Morasco,

Councilmember John Masson,