Escondido Neighbors United

Who we are:  An alliance of engaged residents working for the benefit of rural, urban, and natural communities in the Escondido Area.


Where are we located:  We are neighbors, friends, and park users who live, work, and play in the neighborhoods of Escondido and the areas surrounding Escondido.


Why did we form: We all love the neighborhoods and natural environment in the Escondido area.  We see that there are many threats to the quality of life for present and future generations and we want to make a difference. 


Our mission:  To advance protection of communities, protection of natural resources, ensure sustainable planning and development, prevent and secure cleanup of contamination, and support of environmental justice in the Escondido area.


Our strategies: To achieve our goals we will educate, collaborate, organize, advocate, and when necessary, litigate in order to achieve sustainable, appropriate, health-based solutions to issues facing our area.


Our goals:

  1. To ensure contamination from the Chatham Barrel Yard State Superfund site is cleaned up to a level protective of human health and the environment.

  2. To secure and expand abundant, safe, and thriving parks and open spaces for use by the public and wildlife.

  3. To ensure that all development projects are appropriate, in alignment with community character, healthful and sustainable for all residents; contribute to high quality of life and a vibrant downtown; preserve the character of existing rural neighborhoods; reduce contributions to climate change; and, support a resilient and sustainable economy.    

  4. To cleanup, restore, and protect local creeks, lakes, and waterways so the beneficial uses of the waters are maintained and preserved for current and future generations of people, wildlife, and native plant communities.

  5. To secure a robust City of Escondido public engagement process for all city decisions including development and annexation projects so that both city and county residents can know the impacts and participate in a timely and meaningful manner.  We seek to stop annexation projects that negatively impact existing communities and natural resources.

  6. To provide networking opportunities to share knowledge and information on subjects of mutual interest and provide support to other organizations and community groups doing work in alignment with our mission.

  7. To communicate with elected and appointed officials and organizations about our goals and priorities.

  8. o support each other and have fun too!


We have several priorities we are currently working on:


1. Cleanup of Chatham Brothers Barrel Yard - a State Superfund site that has

contaminated groundwater under Felicita Park and Felicita Creek with industrial wastes from the site.


2. Support the Protection of Wildlife and Habitat as part of the Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Coalition. 


3. Clean up and protect Felicita Park and Felicita Creek.


4. Improve public outreach and community involvement actions on the part of the Escondido City Council and the County.  We have recently written a letter to the City of Escondido with recommendations.


5. Oppose City annexations if they negatively impact current county or city residents or the environment, including  Safari Highlands Ranch.


How does someone become a member:  Anyone who lives, works, plays, or cares about the rural, city, and natural communities in the Escondido area can join if they share our mission, goals, and values. There are no minimum financial dues required since we are a fully volunteer-led organization.  However, we always appreciate donations of any size.   We do ask for donations of your time and effort and ask all members to take at least two actions a year related to our goals.


You can sign up for our announcement list or our discussion list here.