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Escondido Neighbors United

An alliance of engaged residents working for the benefit of
 urban, and natural communities in the Escondido Area.

Welcome to our Website!  
We live in a vibrant city in a challenging time. It has never been more important for residents to become involved in our neighborhood and government activities. The stakes could not be higher. Our health, our neighborhoods, our environment, and our future are at risk.


We are local residents who came together to respond to issues and to try to improve our community. We saw that people had many concerns about what was happening and what was not happening. We are a diverse group of residents and come from all over the area, with different backgrounds, cultures, political affiliations, spiritual traditions, and different life experiences. However, we found that we had a lot in common about what kind of neighborhood, community, and world we wanted to live in. 

Our response was Escondido Neighbors United!


We decided to collectively learn about issues, engage with decision-makers, and act in concert to bring about the changes we need. Take a look around and see if you agree.  
We are so glad you joined us! 
Here are some website highlights:  
Community Updates: Escondido Neighbors United produces periodic updates on our efforts and information that might be helpful to you.
Taking Action: Public engagement is an important part of our core mission. We always look for collaborative solutions to problems and  try to provide constructive options where possible. We want to take action to improve and protect the things we love—like Felicita Park and Creek, our wildlife, and our quality of life.  Each Project Summary has a section that will share information about how we are taking action and how you can too!     
Building Community: There are lots of great people and organizations doing wonderful work in our area. Our Helpful Links page will provide contact info on other groups that you may want to support. It also includes contact information for the main governmental entities with whom we advocate for change.  
Our Efforts for 2017 include:
  • Chatham Barrel Yard Cleanup
    One of the worst toxic waste sites in San Diego County is located in Southwest Escondido. A State ‘Superfund’ site, the Chatham Barrel Yard was the site of a failed industrial waste recycling plant which left a terrible toxic legacy in our community. After over 20 years of remedial actions and over $30 million spent, pollution from the site is still contaminating local groundwater and Felicita Creek. 

  •  Oak Creek Proposed Housing Development
    A Santa Monica developer secured approval for a high-density gated housing development on farmland and open space near Felicita Park. ENU will be monitoring the mitigation that was proposed as the project moves forward. 

  • Felicita Park and Felicita Creek Protection 
    Felicita Park is a 53-acre County Park that is heavily used by local families and groups. The County has designated it a high-priority local park for acquisition and development in the North County Metro Subregional Plan. Felicita Creek runs through the Park and is heavily eroded, suffers from the presence of invasive plants,  and is contaminated from Chatham industrial wastes.  We want to see more attention given to cleanup, restoration, and protection of the Creek.

  • Public Outreach
    2017 will be a critical year with so many important decisions being made about our community, region, and country.  We encourage you to join our Community Updates list to stay aware of actions you can take. 
Understanding Issues: Many of the issues ENU works on are complicated and technical. Our Document Archive strives to be an easy place to find and review documents critical to our issues.